3 Ways To Increase Energy Efficiency In Your South Texas Home

You can boost your South Texas home’s energy efficiency in a number of ways. Focusing on three primary areas, however, can yield significant results. Sealing the air leaks in your home, upgrading your insulation and maintaining your HVAC system can optimize your energy savings.

  • Seal leaks – When your home’s structure leaks, heated and cooled air moves through it. As a result, energy that you’ve paid for is wasted. Over the course of the day, as your home loses energy, the air conditioner or furnace must work harder to compensate for that lost energy, consuming more energy to boost the comfort level in your home. Putting a stop to air leaks involves sealing with caulk and applying weatherstripping around your exterior doors. It may be helpful to have an energy audit done to find the exact locations of the air leaks. Audits are also helpful for evaluating insulation.
  • Upgrade insulation – Just like air leaks, poor insulation allows heat energy to move through your home’s exterior shell. You see, without insulation, your home is subject to significant energy loss, because building materials typically do nothing to stop heat movement. Insulation is designed to do just that: stop heat movement. With effective insulation throughout your home, you can raise your energy efficiency.
  • Maintain HVAC equipment – One of the best ways to promote efficiency, maintaining your HVAC system ensures peak performance. For optimal results, schedule preventive maintenance for your air conditioner each spring, and for your furnace each fall.

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