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Blog Title: Are solar air conditioners worthwhile?
Are solar air conditioners worthwhile?
Category: House Gas Furnace Post By: Jack O'Neil (Cleveland, OH), 10/04/2016

The cost of buying and installing solar air condition is fat investment. Buying and installing the whole system contains solar panels, the invertor to convert DC into AC current, the air conditioner device will amount to a huge cost. Usually, 15 to 20 solar panels are necessary to create adequate electricity to deliver power to a moderate-sized home. The larger the panels, the more electricity can be produced. Yet acquiring larger solar panels increases costs as well. You also need to consider the costly battery reserve. Batteries are expensive, require maintenance, and don't last very long. Solar panels are also vulnerable to damage by hail storms or falling tree limbs. They are quite expensive to replace.

- Peter Sutherland (Denver, CO), 10/07/2016
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