Choose These Windows for Energy Efficiency

San Antonio is known for sizzling summers and mild winters. Choosing energy-efficient windows can help keep your power bills down. These four suggestions help you decide which are best for you.


Most consumers choose attractive frames, but looking at the materials will also help you save money.

  • If you can spend more up front, fiberglass is an excellent choice. Fiberglass frames are excellent for preventing leaks and do not need much care.
  • Vinyl frames are easy to take care of. This material is sensitive to heat and may expand and shrink over time, causing drafts and increased air conditioning costs.
  • Wooden frames are attractive, but sensitive to shifts in humidity and temperature. Warping over time will cause air leaks between the frame and house.
  • Aluminum is easy to take care of, lightweight and inexpensive. Metal conducts heat easily, increasing your utility bills.


Not all glass is equal. U-value scores represent heat lost through the glass during cold weather. Conversely, solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) measures heat absorbed through the glass. If possible, choose low U-value and SHGC glass to save the most money.


Design is an important factor in how much your utilities will be. For example, casement windows are prudent choices for windy locations, effectively preventing air leaks. Double-hung windows are standard in many older homes and traditional new construction. They are attractive, but prone to leaks between the two panes of glass. Picture windows can add to the value of a home if there is an attractive view. With the right glass, they are more energy efficient than most people realize.


Careful installation is important to prevent air leaks. The frames should be tightly fitted in the walls. While caulk or foam can be used to seal small gaps, they are not effective for filling larger ones.

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