Don’t Forget to Schedule a Home Energy Audit for More Savings

Staying comfortable on San Antonio’s scorching summer days and cool winter nights can get expensive if you don’t keep your home energy efficient. Scheduling a home energy audit will help you spot where your home could use some improvement in terms of efficiency.

What to Expect From Your Home Energy Audit

At the start of your energy audit, your technician will interview you about any problems your home may be having, such as rooms that are hard to cool and heat. The technician will also check your utility bills for the last 12 months for unusual spikes and other signs of energy waste. To collect more information about your home, specialized equipment will be used to test various aspects of the building.

Air leakage wastes your conditioned air, increasing the energy demand on your heating and cooling system. To assess your air leakage, your technician will use a “blower door,” a large fan that makes air leaks easier to measure. A smoke pen may be used to pinpoint individual leaks. If necessary, leaks can be sealed with caulk and weatherstripping to improve your home’s efficiency.

Insulation helps maintain the temperature in your home, which includes keeping it cool in summer. In addition to visually inspecting accessible insulation, your technician will take infrared images of your home. These images highlight energy loss problems in areas that a hard to visually inspect, such as the walls. They help you identify which parts of the house would benefit from more insulation.

Your air conditioner and furnace will be inspected for safety and efficiency. Your home will also be inspected from a health and safety perspective, which includes checking for smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, and electrical wiring problems.

After your technician processes the data collected, you’ll receive a printed report detailing the audit’s findings. The report also includes suggestions for correcting your home’s efficiency problems, such as sealing leaks, adding insulation or upgrading your equipment.

For more information on scheduling a home energy audit, contact Beyer Boys.

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