Dual-Fuel Heating Brings Hybrid Technology Into The Home

Vehicle owners are not the only consumers who can benefit from hybrid technology. Dual-fuel heating systems encourage energy savings in the home, just as hybrid cars conserve gas and electricity. Here’s how a dual-fuel heating system works and how it can benefit the South Texas homeowner.

Many San Antonio-area residents already have heat pumps in their homes. A heat pump is one of the dual-fuel system’s primary components. The other component that homeowners generally opt to use in conjunction with a heat pump is a natural-gas furnace. But nearly any viable heating system can be the secondary heating system.

The heat pump draws heat energy from the air, which may seem counterintuitive when it feels chilly outside. But even when it’s in the 40s outside, there’s heat to be sourced in the air. Generally, when the temperature drops too low, a heat pump can no longer provide its high-efficiency return of $4 in heat for every $1 spent on electricity. It loses its cost-effectiveness.

This is where hybrid technology comes in. The dual-fuel heating system employs an automatic switch that’s set at a particular balance point, which depends on the climate, the optimal temperature at which it can operate and the efficiency of the home. Once the temperature drops below that balance point, the secondary heating system cycles on.

With dual-fuel heating technology working behind the scenes in your home, you’ll benefit from its ability provide ultra-efficient heating, regardless of the temperature outside. The system also provides optimal home comfort.

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