Furnace Maintenance Now Can Prevent Problems Later

Despite San Antonio’s mild winters, a reliable furnace is still a must for staying comfortable. Annual professional furnace maintenance keeps your system in top form by ensuring little problems are corrected before they turn into big ones.

Prepare Now, Relax Later

Normal use of your furnace causes debris buildup and wear. During an annual inspection, your technician will address these issues by cleaning the blower motor assembly, testing the motor’s voltage and amp draw, tightening electrical connections, inspecting the heat exchanger, cleaning the burner, and performing many other tasks.

Left unchecked, however, normal wear and tear will eventually interfere with performance, cause sudden breakdowns, and pose safety risks. Debris buildup or a malfunctioning flame sensor can cause short cycling, which leads to uncomfortable temperature swings. A dirty burner causes delayed ignition. This can crack your heat exchanger, putting you at risk for potentially deadly carbon monoxide exposure. Loose wires create a fire hazard. Excess motor amp draw can shut down your whole furnace unexpectedly.

Professional furnace maintenance reduces the risk of a breakdown on a cold winter night when it may be difficult to find a technician. More importantly, good furnace maintenance protects your health and safety.

Enjoy Lower Heating Bills

Seemingly minor issues can reduce your furnace’s energy efficiency and raise your heating costs. A blower motor that’s dirty or running with incorrect voltage or amp draw needs more electricity just to run at a sufficient speed. Loose wires increase electrical resistance, leading to greater energy use. An incorrectly calibrated thermostat can cause your furnace to run unnecessarily, wasting energy.

Duct leaks let your warm air escape into unconditioned spaces so less reaches your rooms. To make up for the loss, you’ll end up raising your thermostat setting and using more energy. A technician will correct problems like these to keep your heating bills low.

By scheduling early in the fall, you’ll avoid the late-season rush and have a more available appointment times to choose from.

If you’re ready for fall furnace maintenance, contact us at Beyer Boys wherever you are in the San Antonio area.

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