Heat-Recovery Ventilation: The Better Your Insulation, The More You Need It

Savvy South Texas homeowners insulate and seal their homes for greater comfort and energy savings. However, tightly-sealed homes have an Achilles’ heel — inadequate ventilation, which is when heat-recovery ventilation literally becomes a breath of fresh air.

Heat-recovery ventilation Heat-recovery ventilators (HRVs) comfortably provide fresh air that well-insulated homes require. HRVs preheat inflowing colder air with heat from the out-flowing warm air during the heating months. By transferring heat energy to inflowing air, your furnace or heat pump won’t have to work as hard to heat the colder fresh air.

Heat transfer occurs in the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger separates the two opposing airflows using thin plates. There’s no contamination of the out-flowing stale air with the inflowing fresh air. By reducing heating and cooling load for conditioning inflowing fresh air, HRVs reduce wear and tear on system components.

HRVs have variable speeds to ventilate fresh air to specifically match your needs. For regular use, a continuous low speed is excellent for removing more pollutants through the air filter. It also carries the advantage of quieter operation and optimizes heat exchange.

HRVs may utilize your current ductwork for ventilating your home. You may choose to install dedicated ventilating ducts if your home doesn’t have a duct system.

Whole-house ventilation Whole-house ventilation helps remove contaminants from your home by introducing air movement, filtration and replenishment of fresh air. Ventilation is necessary for the health of household occupants. Whole-house ventilation is especially important for well-insulated and airtight homes which entrap harmful contaminants, like mold spores, germs, pollen, odors, chemicals and more.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air quality in the typical home is many times more polluted than city air, and more than 80 percent of homes contained pollen and viruses in high quantities.

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