How Energy Recovery Ventilators Improve Air Quality, Energy Costs

When your home is tightly sealed and insulated, you benefit from improved home comfort and lower energy bills. But very efficient homes often experience a negative side effect: poor ventilation. Newly built homes and those that are retrofitted often require an energy recovery ventilator to improve indoor air quality, while controlling moisture and reducing operating costs. Here’s how an ERV works:

  • The system uses ductwork and a fan to draw in air from the outside.
  • Another set of ducts and a fan draw air from inside your home and exhaust it outside.
  • The exhaust air moves through the ERV’s heat exchanger, where energy in the air is removed.
  • The ERV then uses that energy to preheat (in the winter) or pre-cool (in the summer) the incoming air.

With an ERV in place, you can expect to benefit in the following ways:

  • Cost: By accessing energy in the air for reuse, an ERV can lower operating costs significantly, with many systems capturing up to 80 percent of the energy in the outgoing air supply.
  • Air quality: An ERV helps to ensure optimal air quality. Your home takes in fresh air, while expelling stale air.
  • Moisture control: When the heat exchanger strips energy from the air, it’s able to manage moisture, too. As a result, when humid air enters the system in the summer, the ERV removes moisture while pre-cooling the air — before it flows into your home. In the winter, the opposite occurs: The ERV strips moisture from the outgoing air and restores it to the incoming air stream, which is typically dry.

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