How To Attach A Whole-house Humidifier To The Forced Air System?

A whole-house humidifier is designed to humidify the whole house. It is connected to a forced air system and maintains an optimum humidity level in the whole house. It is very useful in dry winter seasons when the whole body feels bone-dry. It also saves the furniture and flooring from cracks and walls from peeling. Let’s see how a whole house humidifier is installed in a forced air duct. Humidifiers are installed in the return-air duct to add moisture to the air before it is heated.

• The humidifier is mounted in position near the furnace.

• Now a hole is cut on the insulation of the forced-air duct. Thereafter a hole is drilled through the duct.

• The steam wand of the humidifier is connected to the duct at the hole with the help of screws.

• A steam hose is connected to the wand at one end and to the wall-mounted humidifier at the other end. The hose is secured with cables.

• A thin flexible drain hose is also joined to the steam wand and to humidifier.

• A drainage pipe is run from the bottom of the humidifier to a floor drain.

• Now you need to make an arrangement for suppling water to your humidifier. This is done by connecting it to nearby water supply. A cooper tee fitting is soldered into a cold water pipe. A pipe is connected to the humidifier.

• An electric cable is run from the room humidistat to the humidifier.

• An air-proving switch is installed in the duct.

Contact a good HVAC technician who will connect you humidifier to you central heating and cooling system. However always keep in mind that these units will function only when your forced-air system is on. They’re controlled by the humidistat.





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