Mitigate Heat Loss in Your San Antonio Home This Winter

With energy costs ever increasing in San Antonio, discovering ways to reduce your energy bills may always be at the forefront. Fortunately there are some easy and cost effective ways to help mitigate heat loss in your home this winter. Follow these simple tips to reduce heat lost and save energy in your home.

  • Cover your drafty windows. Heavy duty clear plastic sheets can be found at most home improvement stores, and are usually relatively inexpensive. Cut these sheets to size and secure them to the interior window frames, making sure not to leave any gaps where heat can escape.
  • Find and seal all air leaks. Air leaks can be found all over most homes. Check around where pipes and utilities come into the house and seal up any holes as needed. Check around your chimney, around any recessed lighting, and around and behind closets and cupboards where unfinished spaces may be hiding. Use a lit incense stick to check for air leaks, carefully watching where the smoke escapes so that you may seal that area.
  • Apply caulk and weatherstripping. Around your windows and doors there is a huge potential for heat loss. Apply caulk around windows and weatherstripping around doors as needed in order to seal any leaks in these spaces. .
  • Reduce heat loss from your fireplace. When your fireplace is not in use, be sure to keep the damper closed. If your fireplace is never used, consider sealing the chimney flue. Caulk around your chimney hearth, and consider installing grates specifically designed to pull cold air into the chimney and allow warm air to flow back into the room.
  • Insulate your water heater. Purchasing an insulating cover or jacket for your water heater will help keep the heat in the tank where you want it and reduce the amount of energy required by your water heater.

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