The Interrelated Systems in Your Energy-Efficient Home

Here’s the scenario: Your air conditioner or furnace finally breaks down, and even though you don’t like shelling out all that money for a new system, you envision substantial energy savings with your new system. Then you get your new system, and the savings are there, but they don’t quite measure up to what you expected. Don’t blame the air conditioner or furnace. The fault probably lies with your home.

Why? In many ways, your home is like your body. Think of the furnace or air conditioner as the heart. As hard as your heart works, you won’t feel good if something elsewhere in your body isn’t working right. If an artery is blocked, for example, your heart has to work much harder than it should. Likewise, if the various other systems in your home aren’t operating the way they should, your furnace or air conditioner can’t achieve its potential. This systematic way of looking at things is called the whole-house approach. What are some of the systems that make up the whole?

  • Your ductwork: A well designed, well sealed duct system efficiently circulates the air you pay to heat and cool. A system with loose connections and rips and tears leaks the air you’re paying for. Have a professional inspect your ductwork and seal it.
  • Insulation: Without insulation or without adequate insulation, heat radiates into your home in the summer and leaks out in the winter. Upgrade your insulation, paying special attention to the attic.
  • Your windows and doors: Air can leak in and out via openings around the frames. Thermal heat, meanwhile, can add to your home’s cooling load in the summer. If you can’t afford replacement windows, seal the leaks and close your drapes or blinds during the hottest part of summer days.
  • Landscaping: Trees and bushes can help to shield your home from the hottest rays of the sun during the summer. Plant with your home’s energy efficiency in mind.

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