Your Energy-Efficient Home: Tips to Live By

You’ve put a lot of energy into turning your house into your home, but after all of that work, you shouldn’t still be paying more on your energy bill. But with a few simple adjustments, you can have the energy efficient home you deserve.

Adjust Your Day

  • Use better lighting: There is no need to have your lights on when the sun is shining. Open your blinds and let the sun shine in. Likewise, make sure to use energy-efficient CFL light bulbs when the sun goes down. Just be sure to recycle your CFL light bulbs after they’ve expired.
  • Unplug: Many appliances and electronics consume energy whether you are using them or not. Unplug coffee makers, computers and cellular devices as soon as possible.
  • Air dry: Dishes and clothes don’t need to be dried right away. Let them air dry instead.

Adjust Your Month

  • Control your thermostat: Install a smart programmable thermostat to manage your home’s temperature with the seasons. Keep the temperature set slightly high in the summer and slightly low in the winter so that your HVAC system can run more efficiently.
  • Grill out more often: Weather permitting, grilling food is a great way to eat well and conserve energy. Not only does it keep excess heat outdoors, but also uses less energy to run.
  • Work with the sun: If it is cold outside, let the sun help warm your home by throwing open your curtains. If it is warm, keep it out with the use of black-out curtains.

Adjust Your Year

  • Seal leaks: Your home might be losing more energy than you realize through leaks in your home’s structure. Use the next windy day and a lit candle to find air leaks and seal them accordingly.
  • Replace your appliances: Upgrade to Energy Star appliances to reduce your energy consumption and save you money.
  • Install a tankless water-heater: On-demand water heating systems conserve energy because they are not required to keep water at a constant temperature when not in use.

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