Your Older Home: Oh-So Efficient, And Still So Charming

In San Antonio, much of the history and background of the area is still preserved in its older homes. Unfortunately, many older homes can be much less energy efficient than their modern-day counterparts. By using a few energy conservation techniques, you can improve your older home’s energy efficiency dramatically while still preserving its historic features and architectural charm.

Start with a professional energy auditAn energy audit will show you exactly where your older home is losing energy. By using sophisticated testing tools and imaging, the auditor will uncover locations where air leaks, limited insulation and other problems are reducing overall energy efficiency.

Seal areas of air and energy lossAir leaks that allow heated or cooled air to escape your home are major sources of inefficiency. Sealing air and energy leaks should be your highest priority in improving home energy efficiency. Look for air leaks in areas such as:

  • Spots where the house frame contacts the foundation and attic floors
  • Crawl spaces
  • Areas where pipes, wires, vents, ducts or conduits penetrate walls
  • Chimney and vent flues
  • Attic hatches and doors
  • Dropped soffits or areas with recessed lighting
  • HVAC system ductwork

Repair windowsWindows in older homes are often made of valuable materials that are difficult to replace, so fix windows instead of replacing them where possible.

  • Apply weatherstripping to block drafts and air leaks around windows and doors.
  • Use caulking to seal around the interior and exterior window casing and around glass panes.
  • Install storm windows or window treatments.

Improve insulationAdd insulation where there is none or increase the amount of insulation in areas where there’s not enough. Take care when insulating your older home that you do not damage existing construction features. Remember that some types of older wiring may pose a fire hazard if it contacts insulation. Insulate in areas such as:

  • Attic walls and ceiling
  • Basement
  • Crawl spaces
  • External wall
  • HVAC system ductwork

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